I just wanted to give you some quick feedback.  We have now had 4 car rides with the new hug me joey insert (we don’t use the roll because he is too big and has excellent head control, but we just put the insert in the car seat by itself and roll up towels on either side of it where there is a space) and 3 out of 4 were completely tear free…and the 4th he only cried when the car stopped a few times (he likes movement).

This is a MIRACLE for us…we NEVER had tear free (or even nearly tear free) car rides in the past.  We always had to rub his face and put his paci in and pray to get to our destination quickly.  Now, for the first time, I felt comfortable taking him on a car ride by myself (with no one in the back seat with him) and he did FABULOUS!    We went to Starbucks all by ourselves and he finally got to meet all of my friends there :).  I finally have a happy baby in the car.  He even fell asleep!  I almost cried I was so happy!!!

When I was pregnant I had hopes of him being my little side-kick and taking him everywhere with me…the reflux made that impossible, so we always stayed home and if I went somewhere, he had to stay home with my husband…but now I think it may be possible to take him places with me and let him enjoy life outside of our house.  I know that it wont be perfect every time, but I can tell he is so much more comfortable.  He doesn’t look all scrunched up and slid down, he stays in one place and his tummy is flat.  It is so much better than those “infant inserts” that come with the car seats.  Those are terrible…he was never comfortable in it and once he got too big for it, we had no other option.  This insert is perfect because it pushes him up where he needs to be without making his head push down to his chest and constricting his airway.  Amazing…thank you so much!!!!

Feel free to use all or any part of this as a testimonial on your new website :).

Attached is a photo of Connor (3 months…reflux and Milk/Soy Protein allergy) enjoying a bottle (of hypoallergenic formula) and falling asleep in his car seat (on top of his hug me joey insert).  Happy as a lark!

P.S.  One thought about the way you sell the Hug Me Joey…maybe provide an option to purchase just the insert without the roll for parent like me who have an baby that is normal size and still uncomfortable but too big for the roll.

P.P.S  I haven’t tried the wedges yet, but we are considering using one for under his stroller seat to lift his bottom up a bit so he doesn’t slide down :).  I will try the other one under his car seat base too to see if it makes his car seat a little more level.

Thank you so much again.

K. F. – Virginia