About Us

Hug Me Joey was established in 1998 under the philosophy that every breath your baby takes is as important as their first. The company, based in Rocky River, Ohio, is changing infant comfort and safety through its development and manufacturing of scientifically-designed and tested support products. With its founder’s medical background and maternal experience, the company creates comforting products to improve breathing problems and decrease digestive troubles occurring in poorly-positioned infants.

Hug Me Joey especially offers peace-of-mind to parents of preemies and very small newborns. Most baby car seats and baby carriers are designed for infants from five pounds and up. Many premature babies have respiratory problems, therefore, correct positioning is imperative to ensure proper lung expansion.

Always taking your baby’s comfort and cleanliness into consideration, all Hug Me Joey products are designed from baby-friendly, hypo-allergenic, flame-retardant material. The covers are removable and washable for easy cleaning.