Our product is in line with the recommendations of the March of Dimes

Hug Me Joey listed as one of 5 best preemie products from Sure Baby

It just makes sense: well-positioned babies are more comfortable, breathe easier, and have decreased abdominal pressure. This causes less spitting up and may be beneficial for:

  • colicky babies
  • babies with infant acid reflux
  • premature babies
  • newborns

Even the best baby car seats and baby carriers don’t position or support your baby or premature babies properly.

The “best” baby car seat fits your child’s size and weight. But even then, infant car seats don’t provide for proper positioning of your baby or premature baby. If you’ve ever watched your baby’s head tip forward while in its baby car seat, or sit or sleep in a contorted, folded over posture, you know what we mean.