Acid Reflex

Infant acid reflux strikes more than 80% of all babies in their first 3 months; now there is help.
Infant acid reflux can be normal in newborns and is one of the more common problems for premature babies. As you watch your newborn or premature baby suffer, it is little comfort knowing babies generally out grow infant reflux by at least 12-18 months.

Now there is help. Read on for information about acid reflux in infant babies, including preemies, and new options available to position your newborn or premature babies in their baby car seats and carriers for reduced attacks.

How to tell if your baby or premature baby has infant acid reflux.
Consult your pediatrician if your baby or preemies are experiencing the following symptoms – they may be suffering from infant acid reflux:

  • spitting
  • coughing
  • irritability
  • poor feeding
  • blood in stool
  • baby has milk in the nose when in a lying down position

Why is acid reflux in infant preemies so common? 

Preemies suffer infant reflux more often because the lower esophageal sphincter (the one way valve protecting the esophagus against infant reflux) is not fully developed in many premature babies. This is even true with full term infants, but preemies are at greater risk.

What to do if you suspect your infant or premature babies have infant acid reflux:

  • visit pediatrician
  • give small frequent feeds
  • hold Baby upright for 45 minutes to an hour after each meal
  • thicken formula with Gelmix
  • use Hug Me Joey Complete Infant Support System in baby car seats and carriers

Parents report reduced infant reflux thanks to the Hug Me Joey Complete Infant Support systems.

Parents of newborns and preemies tell us their babies spit up and suffer reflux less often once they began using the Hug Me Joey Complete Infant Support System in their baby car seats and carriers. They use it to maintain proper positioning of their baby or premature babies after meals. The system keeps there little heads up and their bellies aligned.

One mother of twins highly recommended the Hug Me Joey system. She reported having no more spit up with her little 4 lbs premature babies, and said “the most comfortable place for her was in the infant carrier with the Hug Me Joey system. I would recommend it to every parent with newborns, especially preemies.” Learn how your baby car seats and carriers can be safe havens, thanks to the Hug Me Joey support product.

While not a medical device, the Hug Me Joey Support System has helped reduce acid reflux in infant babies.

The Hug Me Joey Complete Infant Support System is not guaranteed to reduce acid reflux in all infants, but it can help in most cases. Please consult a physician if none of these options work for you.