Hug Me Joey

Side view with Hug Me Joey – Limited amounts of complete sets available (insert with rolls).

Your baby car seat and preemie car seats aren’t properly positioning your newborn or preemie.
Did you know most infant car seats and carriers are made for babies five pounds and over? Whether you’re the parent of a newborn or micro preemie the Hug Me Joey Complete Infant Support System provides proper positioning in your baby car seat.

Why is proper positioning of my newborn, premature babies and older infants so important?
Even the best baby car seats and baby carriers don’t position or support your baby or premature babies properly. You’ve seen your baby’s head tip forward, often as they sit or sleep in a contorted, folded over posture. This poor positioning puts pressure on babies’ tiny lungs and tender tummies. It makes sense to order your baby car seat support system today.

Aid and help prevent common problems for premature babies with proper positioning in your baby car seats.
The Hug Me Joey system aids in common breathing and digestive problems for premature babies. Less abdominal pressure and proper positioning causes less spitting up and may be beneficial for:

  • colicky babies,
  • babies with infant acid reflux,
  • premature babies
  • newborns

Scientifically tested and made with care, this is a must for any baby car seat or preemie car seats.

The scientifically designed and crash tested Hug Me Joey system for baby car seats is made from baby-friendly, hypo-allergenic, flame-retardant material. The cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning. The therapeutic support insert is water-resistant and is available for both three- and five-point baby car seat and infant carrier systems and works with all brands and models of baby car seats.
Hug Me Joey Complete Infant Support Insert is in compliance as required by Federal motor vehicle safety standard (FMVSS)213. The insert does not effect or detract from the performance of the seat with the test dummy. Currently the facility that did the testing is used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to conduct compliance testing in accordance with FMVSSS 213.

Gain peace of mind when traveling, even with micro preemie babies; place your order today.

The Hug Me Joey system gives you peace of mind regardless whether you have a full-term infant or the smallest preemie baby. Contact us to learn more, or order your Hug Me Joey baby car seat support system today.

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