Every parent worries about their newborn’s safety and comfort. If you’ve given birth to a premature baby, special considerations must be made to ensure your baby’s safety when riding in a car seat or baby carrier.

Newborn babies, and especially preemies, typically do not have the muscle strength to hold their heads up. Many car seats and carriers are not made for very small babies which can result in problems with breathing, increased abdominal pressure, and infant acid reflex.

Hug Me Joey offers peace-of-mind to parents of preemies and very small newborns. Our support units for baby car seats and baby carriers create a safer, healthier position for infants. All of our products are scientifically designed and tested for optimum results.

Hug Me Joey products are made of baby-friendly, hypo-allergenic, flame-retardant material. The cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning while the therapeutic support insert is water-resistant. Contact us today to learn more.