Hug Me Rolli

Providing comfort and total body support to your infant is important to parents. Baby carriers don’t ever seem to be the right size for newborns, and especially preemies. With the Hug Me Rolli system, you can forget those rolled up towels and receiving blankets!

The Hug Me Rolli is a comfort roll designed to provide infants with head and side support while riding in baby carriers. It provides a simple, safe solution for slouching infants who can’t quite hold up their heads and necks. Simply unroll Hug Me Rolli and place it around your baby’s body. The Hug Me Rolli keeps your infant in an upright position no matter what carrier they are in.

As with all Hug Me Joey products, the Hug Me Rolli system is made of a baby-friendly, flame-retardant fabric and is easily washable. We even include a rattle to sooth your precious little ones.

Order your Hug Me Rolli support system today. Your baby will thank you for it!


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