RES-Q Infant Wedge

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Preemies and infants with moderate reflux often experience difficulty sleeping and are unable to spend 15 minutes in “Tummy Time” daily as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The RES-Q Infant Wedge is an FDA registered orthopedic medical device that promotes proper musculoskeletal alignment and good head molding so infants (and parents) can sleep! Because it is reversible, babies can also strengthen their neck and trunk muscles as needed for Tummy Time while upright on the RES-Q Wedge. Please visit us for more information at and receive free consultation from our pediatric occupational therapist with each purchase.

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Hug Me Joey, LLC Licenses Technology to Car Seat Manufacturer BRITAX

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Rocky River, Ohio, February 1, 2013 — Hug Me Joey, LLC (, whose car seat and baby carrier support system is designed to protect infants and premature babies, has signed a nonexclusive license for its patented technology to South Carolina-based car seat manufacturer BRITAX (

“We are so pleased that Hug Me Joey’s product is being licensed to BRITAX, an industry leader with a reputation for high-quality car seats,” says Esther Verbovszky, Founder and Developer, Hug Me Joey, LLC. “Their commitment to keeping children of all ages safe meshes well with our company’s overarching philosophy. We hope this deal is just Hug Me Joey’s first step toward making our support system widely available and more accessible through other safety-first car seat manufacturers in the future.”

Hug Me Joey’s support system helps keep babies positioned properly while in a car seat or carrier, which ensures they are not only safe, but comfortable. “Our products have been proven to improve breathing problems and decrease digestive troubles related to abdominal pressure, two things which often occur in poorly positioned infants,” says Verbovszky. “In other words, Hug Me Joey offers peace of mind to parents.”

The system is especially beneficial for premature babies and infants with low birth weight, two groups which are often too tiny to fit in even the smallest car seats.

Hug Me Joey’s support system is designed to fit in nearly every existing car seat. To-date, the company has sold 80,000 of its products.

HUG ME JOEY, LLC Hug Me Joey, LLC is changing infant comfort and safety through the development and manufacturing of scientifically designed and tested support products. The company’s Hug-Me-Joey Infant and Child Products offer a complete support unit for baby car seats and baby carriers, to improve breathing problems and decrease digestive troubles occurring in poorly-positioned infants. For more information, see

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How to tell if your baby or premature baby has infant acid reflux

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Infant acid reflux strikes more than 80% of all babies in their first 3 months; now there is help.
Infant acid reflux can be normal in newborns and is one of the more common problems for premature babies. As you watch your newborn or premature baby suffer, it is little comfort knowing babies generally out grow infant reflux by at least 12-18 months.

Consult your pediatrician if your baby or preemies are experiencing the following symptoms – they may be suffering from infant acid reflux:

  • spitting
  • coughing
  • irritability
  • poor feeding
  • blood in stool
  • baby has milk in the nose when in a lying down position
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The Solution

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  • Complete support
  • Head stays in position
  • Opens airway
  • Increases oxygen
  • Stabilizes heart rate
  • Decreases reflux
  • Decreases aspiration risk
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